2017 was a busy year for Achiro. She made a short film -Maraya Ni meaning ‘Reflections’ after winning funding from Maisha film lab in Kampala. The film will be released starting March 2018.

In August her short film ‘The Surrogate’ won the award for best film Africa after at the slum film festival in Kenya. It was also nominated for best score and best film social transformation; the same film showed at the UDADA women international film festival in Kenya and was nominated for the award of best short Africa and best film Social change. This was the first film award that Achiro has received. Achiro acknowledges that other female film makers like Shonda Rhimes, Ava Duvernay and Mira Nair give her strength to keep on pursuing film.

She is currently working on her documentary WAR.PRISON.LOVE a story about her childhood friend who has been incarcerated in a US prison for the past 36 years. Her return home from exile and relearning culture and her homeland.

Achiro has started editing manuscripts written by her father which she is working towards publishing as two books. The manuscripts are an insight into the times during the Amin era.