In conversation

During the Ngalabi Film Festival, Achiro was hosted to discuss her film ‘The Surrogate’. Here is an extract of dialogue:
1. Do you think that the community pays a role in marginalising people?
A: in a way yes because people are so bent on culture they do not realise that the times have changed and as much as people are changing with it, it does not make them less if human beings if they go against the beliefs of their people.
2. Why did you make this film?
A: It was based on a true story and also on what really is happening in society today both on the pressure of young unmarried women and Homosexuals. So having both subjects together was my way of highlighting an idea that pushing people against the wall will cause them to go over the edge.
3. I saw this story as a play at KITF2016, why did you adapt it as a film?
A. Each time I fall in love with and idea I write a short film. A short prose story. A feature film and a play. This was one such story. Also, I write this short film before I wrote the stage play…so the stage play was actually born from this.
4. Why did you choose to do this film in Acholi?
A. I am trying to reconnect with my culture and making films in my traditional language is one such way. This film was shot in Gulu and nothing was touched up…everything you see is as it happens…from the woman riding the motor cycle to the borehole and jerricans carrying.
5. Did you get into trouble with the authorities for making this film?
A. No. I think because this film is just as voice and is not necessarily promoting or shaming anyone.
6. Did the main character die at the end? And why did you choose that ending?
A. The end signifies a death of dreams of literally every single character in the film and what they are going through.