The Surrogate Synopsis

The Surrogate Short Film

Title:               The Surrogate



This is a story of myth and culture and the desire to be different and accepted in society. It is a story of a young woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock with a homosexual man in a culture that loathes the subject of either.



A young woman, ACHAN, 28 has been the subject of ridicule in her society because she has reached a certain age and is still not yet married. She is always compared to the other young women in her family.

ACHAN meets FRANK, 30 at a bar and they have a one night stand and she gets pregnant. Along the way she discovers that Frank is gay. She is scorned for getting pregnant out of wedlock and when her family discovers that Frank is a homosexual man, it turns into despair. They believe that they are now cursed and the baby is going to be deformed and bring evil to the family and she should have an abortion.

This short film explores culture in a typical African society and the taboos that are related with homosexuality and a woman getting pregnant out of wedlock.


Duration:       14minutes 59 Seconds




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