Another Posthumous Masterpiece from Salvatore Yoana Olwoc

‘Till Death’, a posthumous publication of Salvatore Yoana Olwoc and edited by Achiro P. Olwoch has been released.

“‘Till Death’ is set in a post-colonial city in Africa in a country that has undergone a number of regimes and violent take overs and is now being ruled by a dictator General. The main character Joseph Dragu is the voice of the people in whatever he is going through. He echoes the happenings in the country in relation to what is happening in his life. Everything that he goes through, ranging from punishment for his out spoken-ness and defiance at work, to getting a job through nepotism echoes whatever is happening in the country.

His relationship with his wife echoes the situation in the country where it goes from bad to worse with every other day. He voices his opinions about what is happening round him through letters that he writes to a newspaper in the UK. They are published under a pseudo name. His bosses find out about the letters and do not want to associate with him so they ask him to resign.”

The book is available for purchase on amazon