Welcome to the website showcasing the work of Achiro P. Olwoch

Achiro Patricia Olwoch hails from Gulu, in Northern Uganda and was born in exile in Nairobi. She studied International Travel at the School of Travel, Atlanta and also studied United Nations Peace Keeping Operations. She worked in the airline industry for six years before starting her writing career.

Writing is Achiro’s passion and she uses it to make a difference in her community through the different stories told. She identifies with and bases her writing on real life situations with a twist of imagination added to each story. She is motivated by the many issues in our society that need to be discussed.

Achiro has written two feature films, fifteen short films and had two produced. She has also written three stage plays and had an excerpt of one of them read at the International Women Playwrights conference in Sweden. The same play- No Cause- was produced on a radio show in Los Angeles accompanied by a phone interview. Her second play had an excerpt read in WPIC 2015, Cape Town, South Africa.

She was Editorial Director of a magazine in Malawi that she started. Before that, Achiro worked as sub editor for African woman magazine in Uganda and as co-editor for the IWP- International Women Playwrights’ Seasons magazine. (what was the name of the magazine)

Achiro’s most recent achievement is that she was nominated and seconded onto the IWPC management committee for two sessions in a row. She has also done research for a film in Northern Uganda with Oscar Award winning Actor Forrest Whittaker. She was also the fixer on the M-net TV series, Imagine Africa in 2009. She has worked with and attended workshops with BBC Award winning writers’ Mark Mutahi, Angela Emuron and Deborah Asiimwe.

She created and is the sole writer of the TV series ‘The Coffee Shop’ which is aired on Urban TV in Uganda. She also is the head writer of ‘Yat Madit’ a new TV series with Media Focus on Africa.