Books and Film

This is a cookbook from Achiro’s heart. It contains African recipes that are a combination of her kitchen and some that were handed down by her mother who was also a very experimental cook. She also adds a tip at the end of every recipe.





Kamunye conversations is a combination of stories of one woman’s experiences in a passenger service van with a lot of humour.






This book is a combination of notes that the author has kept over the years after seating at the foot of different men and women of God. This book can be used as a daily devotional or even and a referral when faced with a hard decision or just to have some time alone.






Films and productions credited to Achiro include:

A TV series that is rocking the nation, The Coffee Shop, was created by Achiro. P. Olwoch and she is also the sole writer of this Award winning TV series which is now in its second season




In ‘My Prison Diary’, a young woman in Uganda falls in love with a Ugandan man in a US prison who is serving three consecutive life sentences. This feature is a personal story by Achiro. P. Olwoch and is currently being produced as a feature film documentary.




On Time is a short film written and directed by Achiro. P. Olwoch and in which she also is one of the main actresses. This film tells the story of a young woman who is a victim of the war in Northern Uganda. If she does not get food for herself and her family, she may never see her family again or even her mother.






With the subject of homosexuality being a taboo in Uganda and most countries in Africa, Achiro looks at homosexuality from another angle. ‘The Surrogate’ is a short film that tackles the subject from the point of view of traditions verses modernity.