Achiro to Participate at Forecast’s 7th Edition

The six international mentors of Forecast 7 have each selected three projects for the Forecast Forum in July. Out of over 600 applications from more than 100 countries, the six mentors of Forecast’s 2022–23 edition have each identified three projects that they will accompany from May until the Forecast Forum in July. The projects are […]

Full Production of ‘The Survival’

A full Production of Achiro’s play ‘The Survival’ will be shown at this year’s Criminal Queerness Festival at Lincoln Center and will take place in the David Rubenstein Atrium as part of the Summer for the City LGBTQIA+ Pride celebration! Here is a short synopsis: Friday, June 24th at 7:30pm The Survival by Achiro P. Olwoch Directed by […]

The Night Writer

Having woken up at half past midnight in my New York apartment, I found myself thinking about night dancers and night runners. In my home country, Uganda, a night dancer or night runner is defined as a person who employs the help of the dead to destroy other people. This they do at night running […]

Dear Achiro

Anyaka, itye nining? The year is 2021, and I have so much to tell you that I know I cannot cover in just one letter. I will begin with the shocking things. First of all, you are fat. Really fat, like four times the size that you are right now. Seriously, it is not a joke. […]

Attending Cannes 2020 with Agence Culturelle Africaine!

Film writer and director Achiro P. Olwoch has been selected by the Agence Culturelle Africaine (ACA)  to be part of their (ACA) pavilion at Cannes 2020. ‘We welcome them to our pavilion to allow them, with their producers, to continue developing their project and connect with potential partners’, the statement read. For the full article […]