Gulu International Film Festival

The 2nd Gulu international film festival with the theme ‘End discrimination against women’ screened almost 80 films from around the world that celebrated this theme. Among them were two films by Achiro P. Olwoch; The Surrogate and Maraya ni. Both films were nominated in the best short films local category and Maraya ni went on to […]

In recognition of…

In March, Achiro’s short film titled odii was shortlisted at the International Film Festival of Short Films on Culture and Tourism  which was held in India. The film received a recognition award and was the only Ugandan film that was screened at such a prestigious festival.

Amakula International Film Festival

Achiro’s film ‘The Surrogate’ will be among the films that will be screened at this year’s Amakula International Film Festival which is taking place from the 14th – 17th of March 2018 in Kampala.

The Surrogate Synopsis

The Surrogate Short Film Title:               The Surrogate   Summary: This is a story of myth and culture and the desire to be different and accepted in society. It is a story of a young woman who gets pregnant out of wedlock with a homosexual man in a culture that loathes the subject of either.   […]

In conversation

During the Ngalabi Film Festival, Achiro was hosted to discuss her film ‘The Surrogate’. Here is an extract of dialogue: 1. Do you think that the community pays a role in marginalising people? A: in a way yes because people are so bent on culture they do not realise that the times have changed and […]


2017 was a busy year for Achiro. She made a short film -Maraya Ni meaning ‘Reflections’ after winning funding from Maisha film lab in Kampala. The film will be released starting March 2018. In August her short film ‘The Surrogate’ won the award for best film Africa after at the slum film festival in Kenya. […]