Fresh Ground Pepper’s Residency

Achiro will be spending six months in residency with Fresh Ground Pepper (FGP), alongside other artists, developing a new project. “Fresh Ground Pepper jump-starts, incubates, and celebrates new works of art by new and experimenting artists. We believe in rigorous exploration, delighted making, process over product, supportive networks, and the merger of artist and audience […]

Another Posthumous Masterpiece from Salvatore Yoana Olwoc

‘Till Death’, a posthumous publication of Salvatore Yoana Olwoc and edited by Achiro P. Olwoch has been released. “‘Till Death’ is set in a post-colonial city in Africa in a country that has undergone a number of regimes and violent take overs and is now being ruled by a dictator General. The main character Joseph Dragu […]

My War Song

Ms. Achiro has a new book out. My War Song explorers Achiro’s experience of exile and the war that once ravaged Northern Uganda. “Exile is a term that is used very often in the world today with people running from their countries as a result of persecution, political unrest and estrangement, among other reasons. Leaving your country […]

Kamunye Conversations Now Available

Good news! The newest book from Achiro P. Olwoch is now available for purchase on Amazon. ‘Kamunye Conversations’ is a collection of short maxi cab stories. “Each tale is a new ride and the events are from the point of view of one particular passenger who in most cases is yours truly. For me every […]

New Book out Now!

Achiro has published a new book ‘Achiro’s Taste‘ which is a collection of recipes with heartfelt messages for the chef. “This book is my excuse to share my kitchen creations as well as give you a taste of my keyboard creations. If I was not  a writer, I probably would have been a chef. Maybe […]

Editorial Credit

Achiro is happy to announce that she recently edited two books that were written by her father, the late Salvatore Yoana Olwoc. The books are works of fiction that were written between the 1960s and the 1970s and depict life in Uganda during that era. ‘The Smell of the Poor‘ and ‘The General’s Amnesty’ are […]