On Time

#MyWarSong #OnTime Achen is seated by a small swamp. This is no ordinary swamp; it has come about over a period of two weeks of none stop rain which has flooded the land below the village where Achen lives. There are lots of flies around her because this swamp also has all the feaces and […]

My Prison Diary

#MPD #MyPrisonDiary Alan writes in his diary… It is 4am in the morning and the prison guards on duty use their batons to wake the inmates. They hit the metal cage-like doors, and there is deafening noise. We see Alan Wahome waking up and pulling his blanket over his head before he gets out of […]

The good old days

#MyWarSong   At seventy eight years old, Lapony is still strong and works like she is still in her thirty’s. She sweeps her compound and that of her tenants first thing every single morning. ‘Lapony’ means teacher and she has been called that for as long as she can remember. Lapony has been a teacher all […]